Tips to Help You Maintain Your Espresso Machines for Better Performance

08 Apr

Espresso machines are vital for the provision of delicious cups of coffee. The appliances are very costly and therefore need to be maintained in a perfect condition to ensure the coffee made with them is of quality as possible. Thus when you have such machines, you will require to follow some better tips for maintenance to make sure every coffee cup your brew has great taste. Go to to learn more. 


It is essential to consider cleaning daily the appliance to avoid building up the coffee grounds. You will require to begin to run water after every coffee shot on portafilter. Additionally, you will require to have the cleaning of the group gasket with the use of a group head brush. The reason is that the gasket accumulates the debris as you use it. Also, there is a need for considering to soak the equipment of portafilter using detergent of high quality. This should be about 30 minutes, and then you scrub it. More to that you need to make sure the detergent you are using is designed for the use in an espresso machine.


For you to get rid of the stale coffee oils that are building up, you need the performance of full backflush. The major backflushes require to take place using the detergent of espresso machine followed by backflushes of plain water. Additionally when the machine is meant for the home user, then you need to consider doing this monthly. Do check how Coffee Tool can help you.

You will again require to flush the drip tray using hot water. This will help in removing the excess coffee grounds from the exit tubing. Additionally, you will require to dismantle the wand stream every month and consider scrubbing it using the pipe cleaner from inside or soak in a solution of cleaning. By so doing you will be able to check the damaged and broken parts and therefore consider to replace and repair them without delay.  It is necessary to pay specific attention toward the gasket since they seem to have malfunctioning after long use. Learn more about coffee machine cleaning here:

More to that you will require to check for the group head leakage since there can be an indication of replacement of gasket. The coffee quality and the percentage of decreasing extraction is noticed when there is brittle of gasket. Ensure again to verify if the pressure gauges are effectively working to ensure the coffee has the right temperature and right taste.  Additionally, before you take a step of cleaning the espresso machine, you need to read the owner’s manual.

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